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Like No Other

This brand was built on the exclusivity and quality of our Menswear Accessories. Bow Ties, Neckties, Pocket Squares, and Cufflinks are all 1 of 4 Made for Franco Uomo out of the highest quality woven silk and steel alloy materials. And when 1 of 4 isn’t exclusive enough, we create custom pieces just for you.

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Franco Uomo Neckties are made from the finest woven silk fabrics and exhibit a quality that you can both see and feel. A subtle luster shine shows off the embossment of the individual colored threads in the pattern whereas many neckties are flat with patterns printed with dies. All Franco Uomo designs are exclusive with a maximum production of 4 pieces ever to be made, ensuring the highest exclusivity for our customers.

1 of 4 Made | 100% Silk | Self Loop | Hand Sewn
Cut at 45-Degrees on the Axis

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At Franco Uomo you will find the largest selection of bowties for all occasions. Our expert staff members are specially trained to offer styling suggestions to best accentuate any look. Coupled with our expertise, each bow tie offers a unique dual sided feature, incorporating what’s famously known as the “Franco Shadow” to create depth and flair.

1 of 4 Made | 100% Silk | Reversible | Self-Tie

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Our Pocket Squares make the perfect compliment to our neckties and bowties and are par-none in quality and design. All fabric is 100% silk with woven designs (no silk screen or prints) and have embroidered edges.

1 of 4 Made | 100% Silk | Embroidered Corners | Woven Pattern

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Hand picked from England, the cufflinks at Franco Uomo are parallel to the brand’s aesthetics, colorful and unique. Our cufflinks bring back a timeless element to menswear of which only a french cuff shirt exudes.

1 of 4 Made | Steel Alloy

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Franco Uomo belts pair timeless fashion with modern technology- crafted with Italian leather and an automatic locking mechanism in each buckle. Our seamless belts click and lock into place, providing the perfect fit every time- without the need of holes.

1 of 4 Made | Steel Alloy | Self-Lock
100% Genuine Leather