It is well known that the “Franco Fit” is an athletic, and tailored cut, most similar to European tailoring. Franco Uomo aspires to perfect the body-conscious fit and pair that with inspired combinations of colors and textures. From the fabrics, to the cut, to the final ironing phases, Franco Uomo suits are all imbued with the highest levels of sartorial excellence. Our brand is known for the looks our stylists curate- but that starts with the basic foundations of a well made suit that caresses and molds to the body.


Luxurious cottons and whimsical textures, Franco Uomo's color dress shirts are top of the line. Our garments are unique in that- limited quantities are made to promote and protect the exclusivity our clients enjoy. Years of expertise fell into developing the European and athletic fit, our tailored shirts articulate- emphasizing class and elegance in fun and creative ways. 

Wedding Experience

We pride ourselves on our years of building exceptional relationships in the wedding industry. Our Photographers are first-class, our flowers as beautiful as the day they sprouted to life. If you're planning a wedding, ask about Franco Uomo's Wedding Experience Package.